More than just a sweet business.......

It's a family tradition four generations and growing.


Tibbitts Maple has been making quality pure maple products for four generations. Although the current facility has been in use since 1984 our tradition began with the first generation, Friend Tibbitts, making maple syrup on the Tibbitts homestead located on Tibbitts Road in New Hartford, New York.


In 1984, shortly after the fourth generation was born, Gordon started tapping and producing maple syrup again. He started with 11 buckets and boiled in a stockpot on a 1/2 barrel in the driveway. He and his wife Kristen made one quart and one pint that year.


The fourth generation, Gordon Kyle and Kaitlin quickly became interested in producing maple syrup. In 1990 the current sugarhouse was built. Several changes and improvements happened over the years. Tubing replaced buckets and after an unfavorable year in 2003, vacuum was added in 2004. For added efficiency a steam away was added in 2007 and a reverse osmosis (RO) system was added in 2012. Most recently in 2017 a new 4 x 12 wood fired evaporator replaced the old one.


Although the fifth generation hasn't taken over in the sugar house yet, they do participate in the daily operations. Kyle Leon likes to observe the process and enjoys all the samples of pure maple syrup. Gordon Konner can be found in the sugar house many nights hauling firewood from the wood shed to the evaporator in his Tonka trucks, checking tank levels and eagerly awaiting for the sap truck to come so he can hook up the hoses that pump the sap into the holding tanks. If you were to ask him for a tour he could tell you all about his sap going through the process to make maple syrup.


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